Album: self-titled
Label: n/a
Style: Heavy industrial
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

Muckrackers are a hard, heavy, brutal dark industrial band from France. They are similar to Rammstein, but are much more electronic. Their music is created with well textured futuristic electro sounds, effects and beats combined with haunting melodies and chugging guitar riffs. The vocals are deep and thick with distortion and a heavy accent. The lyrics are all in German allowing the words to sound powerful even if I have no idea what they mean.

I really like the energy and aggressiveness of this band. They dish it out raw and rough with a lot of anger and angst. There are no sweet love songs here. This band makes all of the current popular nu metal bands sound like The Backstreet Boys.

Fans of bands such as F/A/V, Noisex, Rammstein and :wumpscut: will most likely enjoy what Muckrackers have to offer. I hope that they release a full-length soon as four songs by them isnít nearly enough.