Album: "Under The Flesh" (2000)
Label: Blood And Bone Music
Style: Goth rock
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

As soon as the first track "Strange Rain" began, I was hooked. The guitar riffs, bass lines and drum beats just grabbed my attention instantly. Then the beautiful vocals of J Kovach (aka Winter Jaye) came in and completed the package. This is a great opening track to give the listener an idea of where this CD is going to take them. Murder Of Crows is a four member dark goth rock band that create their music with guitar, bass and drums. What gives this band their edge is that they're extremely talented musicians. David Kizzia (aka The Deuce) is an amazing guitar player that dishes out thrashiness and melodic acoustic strumming just as well. He's easily one of the best guitar players I've heard before. James Murray plays bass guitar superbly as well giving a haunting feeling to the music. Genevieve Williams is a fantastic drummer that creates solid hard and heavy beats that give the music its driving edge. And J Kovach has a mesmerizing voice that sings with beauty, passion and raw emotion. Each of these musicians bring their abilities to the table on the songs delivered here giving them a quality not found too often. Not only does each song sound diverse, the songs themselves contain a lot of changes within them. Various moods and emotions are included in each of the nine tracks here. Overall, this is dark gothic rock music with a doom and gloom feel energized by great vocals, guitar, bass and drums. If you like goth rock music with female vocals, you owe it to yourself to pick up this CD.

Album: "Toys Of Desperation" (1998)
Label: Murder Inc. Publishing
Style: Goth
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a traditional goth rock band that creates their music with guitar, bass and drums. No electronics, synths, or sampling here. These musicians create very tight and structured songs. The guitar work here is especially good. The mixture of electric and acoustic guitars really add variety and changing emotion to the music. The female vocals are also very impressive. There's a lot of range to her voice and she can carry a tune wonderfully. Her voice is a bit on the deep side, but still manages to fit in perfectly with the music. This is not darkwave music. These songs do rock. Some heavier than others, but nothing will put you to sleep. While the four songs on this EP are all good, they don't sound a lot different from each other. Also, the lack of any electronics or synths make the songs seem like they're missing that extra something to give them more of a creative edge. There just isn't really anything new delivered here. But those looking for a good quality and solid straight forward goth rock band should enjoy what this EP has to offer.