Album: "One Winter's Night" (1999)
Label: Middle Pillar
Style: Goth/Darkwave/Ethereal
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Machine In The Garden is the project of the very talented Roger Frace' and Summer Bowman. These two musicians create some rather dark, cold and beautiful music with mesmerizing soundscapes and breathtaking drama. The songs are created with both organic and electronic instruments allowing for a sound that is very layered and full. The vocals are performed by the beautiful Summer Bowman who has an amazingly diverse voice that ranges from soft and soothing to more deep and haunting. She sings with great melody along with the music. There is a lot of variety presented on this CD as the songs switch between slow and dreary atmospheric darkwave to more energetic goth rock. While all of the songs are good here, there are few that really stand out. The songs "Lost In Side", "The Sleep Of Angels" and "Midnight" are easily the best tracks delivered here. They include incredibly creative music with powerful emotions and astonishing vocal work. I guess one of my complaints would be that there are not more songs here that stand out as much. Everything else kind of sounds fairly similar without a lot of differences from one song to the next. They are mostly slow paced traditional sounding goth songs without the use of as much electronics as I would like. It's not that they're bad tracks, it's just that they sound rather typical for this style of music. But everything here is of a high quality and shows off the musical abilities of these two impressive individuals. There is only one song "The Sleep Of Angels" that includes a duet with Roger and Summer. It would have been nice if the two sang together more often here as it really made that particular song really stand out against everything else on the CD. This band at times sound like COLLIDE, SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY and VENUS WALK. Considering the fact that those are some of my favorite goth bands, that's a good thing. I do like the sound The Machine In The Garden makes a lot. I would just like to see them try and make more energetic electro goth in the future and combine both male and female vocals together. I think that would really allow them to stand out. But for now this CD is a must for goth music fans.