Album: "Frames of Teknicolor" (2000)
Label: Middle Pillar
Style: Acoustic goth
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Mirror Reveals is Kit Messick (vocals) and James Babbo (instruments). The music delivered here is rather ambient with a cold beauty to it. Acoustic guitars are up front, while light keyboard melodies float in the distance. Kitt carries the songs along with her beautiful singing. Each word she speaks is like poetry. While the songs here are of a very high quality, they don't change much from track to track. Everything moves along at the same slow and dreary pace. You will start falling asleep before the CD ends. The music has a very soothing feel to it that makes it perfect to relax to. If you like mellow goth music with quality female vocals, this CD is something that you should definitely check out.