Old Welcome notice: (July 1997)

Welcome to Wrapped In Wire's Music Exile. These reviews are brought to you by Darklight (most reviews and opinions), with the help of Rabies (HTML, graphics and damage control). Music Exile is the cornerstone of what we hope will become an exciting web-zine. Our goal is to become the premier source and link site for fans of industrial, goth, cybercore, EBM, and other non-mainstream forms of "cyber" or cyber influenced music (with a few good non-cyber bands thrown in for good measure). This site heavily reflects our, (Rabies & Darklight) tastes; We prefer music with a gritty, heavy edge to it, and some of the more mellow but "dark" stuff (though Rabies doesn't mind some of the more upbeat and dancey grooves as well). You won't find reviews for happy rave or Brian Eno style music, even though those fit the category of "electronic music". You also won't catch us using the term "Electronica". Media buzzwords suck. We know (and hope you know) that Electronica is just fucking techno and it's been around for nearly a decade now. Nothing "new" to that.
For the styles we do review, over time we'll try and build up links to record labels, band web sites, fan web sites, other reviews, and anything else we can think of to make this site the only site of its kind you'll need. It's also important to have this kind of all-in-one collection just to keep this fragile music industry from collapsing. "Industrial" labels always seem to be on the brink of bankruptcy, which often means some of the best CDs are next to impossible to find. If our site helps build the awareness and popularity of some bands or record labels, then our job is done. These guys have a hard enough time getting CDs into stores and paying their rent, they deserve every penny they can get.
-Rabies, July 1997 (The birth of WIW)

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