Album: "After Clothes" (1998)
Label: Negative Nine
Style: Synth-pop
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

This EP features four different versions of the title track and five other songs. Everything offered here is great showing what this band is capable of. They create energetic synth-pop music with a serious tone that gives their sound a slight EBM edge. Basically, all of these tracks would be great for the club floor.

The music is constructed with multi-layered fast paced electronic programming, driving bass beats, soothing melodies and a touch of guitar. The vocals are clean and untreated delivered in a rather deep tone allowing them to fit in with the music perfectly.

This is quality structured synth-pop music that, while not really offering anything new or different, is polished and well done. My only real complaint with this disc is that some of the remixes arenít too entertaining. But after listening to this CD it makes me want a full-length release by this act.

If youíre a fan of modern synth-pop music, A New January is definitely a band to check out.