Album: "Seven Steps of Nervousness" (2000)
Label: Gashed!
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM / Dark Synth-pop
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

NCC is quite an original band that mix a lot of different genres of electronic music on this album. They put the variety within the songs themselves as opposed to just including a different type of song from one track to the next.

Thereís definitely a lot of variety included here with things coming and going in different directions constantly. You really donít know what the band is going to throw at you next. Itís quite refreshing to hear an album as creative as this one. There are so many different moods and emotions bombarding you every step of the way throughout this entire disc. Sometimes things are fast and furious, but then they turn slow and melodic. This is definitely a roller coaster ride of various images and sounds.

Dark sci-fi electronic programming is mixed with haunting synthscapes, bass beats and male vocals that are sometimes clean and sometimes altered. Thereís even beautiful female chanting blended into the music from time to time.

Whatís most impressive about this band is their ability to blend elements of angry and aggressive electro-industrial with clubfloor EBM with experimental with dark ambient all in one song and make it work. These songs never come off as straight forward or structured. They take you all over the place never allowing you to know what direction they are going to take you in next. You just have to hang on and enjoy the ride.

Itís nice to finally hear a band such as NCC realize the true potential they have in making electronic music. They really seem like a band that wants to entertain their listener on a personal level. Their music is the type that is especially enjoyed on headphones.

When itís stated that this CD took 2 1/2 years to create, I believe it. The ideas included here would obviously take a lot of time to execute as flawlessly as theyíre done on this recording.

While there are a lot more popular and uninteresting experimental electronic acts out there thinking that they are being clever and creative by combining a bunch of noisy sounds together; NCC takes the experimental concept in the right direction by actually making music that is entertaining and engrossing as well as catchy at times. Do not miss this amazing CD.