Album: "Werkz02"
Label: ArtOfFact Records (2001)
Style: EBM/Experimental/Ambient
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

NETZ is a German EBM/experimental/ambient band that offer a modern electro sound similar to that of Haujobb, Headscan and Negative Format.

The music on this CD is fairly upbeat with a slight experimental edge and sci-fi vibe. This is not club music as nothing here is ever energetic or exciting enough to be danced to. This is more artistic electronic music that plays at a mid-tempo pace delivering creative twists and turns. The electronic programming and beats are rather sporadic while soothing melodies play in the background. Male spoken word in German talks over the music in a rather monotone style.

While this music is well developed, itís also somewhat dull, drab and boring. I just couldnít seem to get into it no matter what mood I was in at the time. Itís as if the band canít decide if they want to be an EBM band or an experimental one. Thereís a little bit of both combined into their music.

This band would appeal more to those who like their electronic music artistic and experimental. Thereís also enough EBM elements included here to possibly please fans of that genre as well. But those of you who like your EBM club friendly might find the overall music here to be quite boring.

Those who enjoy the sound of Haujobb, Headscan and Negative Format will probably enjoy this recording. But be warned that while similar to those three bands, NETZ is even more mellow and experimental.

If you like your electronic music slow paced and artistic with experimental and ambient elements, then you will most likely enjoy this NETZ CD.