Album: "Corrode" (2001)
Label: Moody Loner Records
Style: Industrial Metal
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This Nanochrist release is more focused and structured than their previous effort. The songs are created more straight forward this time out with verse/chorus/verse development. The experimental edge of their previous work is somewhat missing now. They sound much more like a typical industrial metal band now with more of the focus on metal.

The music is primarily created with thrashing guitars, bass and percussion with the slight addition of electronic programming and distorted noise. The vocals consist of angry yelling over the aggressive music. While there are some interesting elements within some of the songs, the end result is still rather average for an act such as this. Each and every song basically sticks to the same formula of hard and heavy chaotic metal music with snarling male vocals. There’s just not a lot of variety or diversity to be enjoyed here. But the audience for this style of music usually prefers it raw and in-your-face anyway, so I am sure that this album will please many fans of brutal industrial metal.


Album: "X^-9" (1998)
Label: Moody Loner Records
Style: Heavy industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Nanochrist dishes out some intense industrial music on this CD. Thrashy guitars, deep bass, driving drums and distorted screaming male vocals are mixed with malfunctioning electronics, noise, keyboards, etc. making for some wild and crazy music that would drive your neighbors mad. While Nanochrist does use a lot of heavy guitar in their music, they're still indeed an industrial band with distortion, electronic programming, keyboards and sampling. Their music is extremely aggressive fueled by anger. They enjoy experimenting with a lot of different ideas and sounds. This is what makes them interesting and enjoyable to listen to. All of the songs on this CD do tend to sound similar, but they do include their own little touches that allow them to stand apart. The songs switch between industrial metal, to noise to experimental chaos constantly never allowing the listener to know what direction the music is going to go in next. If hard and heavy aggressive industrial music is your thing, this Nanochrist CD is for you.