Album: "The Complete Radio One Sessions" (2000)
Label: Fuel 2000 Records
Style: Grindcore
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD is a sixteen track collection of previously unreleased Napalm Death songs. Napalm Death creates a genre of metal music called "Grindcore". Basically, this is pure thrashing chaos created by grueling guitars, deep bass and slamming drums combined with raw harsh roaring male vocals. This music is loud and noisy, and goes off in every direction possible. The music contained on this disc sounds like it was recorded by a group of guys playing their instruments as hard as they could while the vocalist shouts at the top of his lungs over it all. There's basically no structure to these songs. No words in the lyrics can be made out as the singer just sounds like he's shouting out angry growling noise. This music could also be classified as speed metal or death metal. It's just pure insane mayhem that doesn't let up. The songs sound the same from beginning to end never changing from track to track. After one song I was exhausted. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to listen to sixteen tracks of this chaotic noisy mess. I personally don't see the appeal in this kind of music. But I'm sure that there is an audience out there for it somewhere. The bottom line is that if you like extremely hard and heavy power metal, you will most likely enjoy this CD.