Album: "Uncrossing" (1998)
Label: ?
Style: Electro Goth
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

Narcissus Wept is the male and female team of Gonzalo Herrero and Cornelia Riedel. What they deliver is a rather unique sounding electro/goth hybrid of music with female vocals. The music is very layered with various things happening in it. It's a blend of ambient sounds, sequencing, sampling, synths, guitar and drum programming. The music has a dark and cold feel to it with some orchestrated touches that add emotion and passion. The vocals are slightly distorted and sing with good harmony along with the music. They are a bit dreary and the singer almost sounds depressed and sad. But I guess that's what goth music is all about. There is an eerie beauty in the music that definitely makes it gothic and would please fans of all styles of goth music. The electronic elements are a nice touch to allow the band to sound a little more modern. I feel that more goth bands should go this direction these days. The songs here all kind of sound the same, but are still good. However, a little more variety would help the songs stand out. Also, they are all dreary and slow moving for the most part. I would like to see some more energy in some of the tracks with a dance floor electro edge as well from time to time to add a little more diversity to their sound. But the bottom line is that goth music fans will really enjoy what this band has to offer.