Album: TitleYear
Label: "Flitter Fluck" (1995)
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Electronics, synths, drum programming, samples, guitars, and distorted vocals make up the songs found here. This band doesn't do anything new, but they do deliver some solid material. Each song is extremely catchy with dance floor caliber rhythms and beats. The overall sound has a punk flavor to it similar to other Cyber-Core bands such as Chemlab, Hate Dept., Killing Floor, Needle, Penal Colony, Razed In Black, 16 Volt, 13 Mg., and 29 Died. Each song includes the same fast pace, but do sound different. The lyrics in these songs really stand out. They are like short stories. The main problem with this album is that each of the songs are fairly short. But bands such as this one have never been known to make very long songs. It's the punk energy that makes them go by fast. If you like American Cyber-Core bands, you will like Nerve Job a lot.