Album: "The Criminal Within"
Label: COP International (2001)
Style: Cybercore
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

While there hasnít been a lot of bands making Cyber-core music lately, Nerve Factor are here to change that. This debut release of theirs entitled The Criminal Within resurrects the genre that was so big in the 90s. For those unfamiliar with Cyber-core, itís a music genre that mixes electronics with hard-core, hence the name "Cyber-core". And I must admit that Nerve Factor deliver some of the best Iíve heard.

People who dislike guitars in their electronic music can basically stop reading this review now. Because guitars are here, and they are loud. So much, in fact, that this music borderlines industrial metal. But thereís a lot of creative things happening within this music as well such as constant mood changes and haunting melodies making it much more interesting than standard industrial rock.

What needs to be noted is that Nerve Factor do indeed use a lot of electronic programming, sampling and synth melodies in their songs. So, unlike a lot of other similar bands, the electronic elements used within their music is definitely not an afterthought. The songs are actually structured around the electronic/synth parts. Nerve Factor is a very electronic band. But theyíre all about energy and a heavy edge as well. Their songs are powerful and deliver quite a punch. But they also offer up solid driving beats and catchy choruses.

Thereís a good helping of variety to be found here. Some tracks are pure angst driven assaults with shouting vocals and chugging guitar riffs meant for the slam pit, while others are more toned down including relaxed singing, less guitar and primarily electronic/synth construction.

This is overall a very solid debut offering some great songs. Some stand out more than others, but nothing is bad. Since this is a first effort, there are some rough edges here and there. They donít take away from the album, but I could see them being ironed out on their next release. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on as I am sure they will only get better.