Album: "Drown" (1998)
Label: Slipdisc Records
Style: Electro metal
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

Nihil is nothing more than a hard and heavy guitar rock band that adds in very slight touches of sequencing and synths. Guitars, bass and drums are in your face to the point where they are just noise. Hidden behind the straight forward musical mess are distorted muffled growling male vocals that just shout in a rage. Once in a while you will hear a sample or some electronics and synths, but they're mainly placed in as introductions and endings to the songs. It's definitely the guitars that you hear the most. There are sixteen tracks and they all basically sound the same. There's no variety to be found here. This is boring and generic metal music that offers nothing new or unique. If you simply love heavy guitar crossover industrial music you might enjoy what this album has to offer. Otherwise, don't even bother.