Album: "Underwater Tales" (2001)
Label: Nanopop
Style: Synth-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

No Comment is a synth-pop band with female vocals. Franziska Kalb has a sweet voice that sings along to the music with an attractive accent. She is also joined by deep accented male vocals from time to time that help to add even more dimension to the songs.

What I like about this band is that while they create upbeat electro-pop music, it never sounds sappy or cheesy. It’s always energetic for the clubfloor featuring driving rhythms and beats.

The lyrics are interesting and well written for the most part like short stories. Everything is done extremely well throughout this entire album. The music is tightly textured and layered with catchy beats and beautiful synth melodies. Both singers are very talented with a lot of range to their voices. The songs contain a lot of twists and turns to keep them quite interesting from beginning to end. I like the fact that there are no really slow or boring songs here. Everything moves at a rather fast pace to keep the listener entertained.

My only complaints are that I would have liked greater use of the male vocals and longer playing times for the songs. While Franziska is a great singer that can carry the songs with her voice alone, the male vocals add an extra element to the songs they’re on. Also, some songs are a bit short ending before they should. But these are minor complaints considering the overall quality of this album.

My advice to the band would be to continue creating the kind of music that they did on this album. I could easily see them going more commercial pop in the future, and I would hate to see that happen. If anything, they should get even darker. Some songs on this album lean toward commercial pop while others lean more toward dark synth-pop. This CD is a must for synth-pop fans that like female vocals.