Album: "Neural Code"
Label: n/a
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

Noise Process produces honest to goodness electro-industrial music with no frills attached. They stick to the basics and end up with results that are impressive. Everything that I like in this style of music is present here. Energetic futuristic sci-fi electronic programming…check! Hard driving club floor bass beats…check! Dramatic orchestrated synth melodies…check! Voice samples…check! Distorted angry growling male vocals…check! It’s all here folks, and done extremely well.

Since a lot of dark electro-industrial bands from the ’90s are now starting to create upbeat EBM and synth-pop music, it’s nice that there are still bands like Noise Process coming along keeping the electro-industrial fires burning. And Noise Process does this sound just as good as the big names in the scene. I am extremely impressed with this CD, and expect them to be signed to a label soon. They would be right at home on the Metropolis Records label.

If you like bands such as Decoded Feedback, Imperative Reaction, In Strict Confidence, Leaether Strip, Mentallo & The Fixer, Velvet Acid Christ and :wumpscut:; Noise Process is for you.