Album: "Storms In Time" (1998)
Label: Disruption Records
Style: Darkwave
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album offers extremely dramatic darkwave music with a nice balance between electronic programming and emotional orchestration. The male vocals sing with passion along with the well structured music. The songs do a good job of blending harder slightly more aggressive elements along with beautifully haunting atmospheres to create a sound that is quite compelling. Guitar is used in the music at times to give a heavier edge to the overall sound, and it works flawlessly.

While I’m usually not a big fan of goth and darkwave music, I do rather enjoy this CD a lot. While it does contain a lot of the usual elements for this genre of music, it also has a few original aspects about it as well. I especially like how the band combines aggression with dark dramatic orchestrated melodies.

The music here is very emotional and passionate. The only drawback to the overall disc is the slightly amateurish recording quality to it. Also, three of the songs here are live. While they’re good songs, they do have that “live” sound lacking the polish of studio recorded tracks. But even with a couple of minor flaws, this CD is still a must for fans of goth rock and darkwave music.