Album: "A Million Different Moments"
Label: Nilaihah Records (2004)
Style: Electro-pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Null Device is the electro pop project of Eric Oehler and Eric Goedken. I will say up front that they are talented musicians, and make quality music. However, it's not music that I find appealing. Basically, they make light and bright wholesome mid to slow tempo electro pop tunes that contain organic instruments such as guitar and violin as well. Overall the music sounds rather commercial and could easily be played on pop radio stations.

Everything here has a somewhat upbeat and funky vibe to it. The vocals are soft and high-pitched. The singer sings well with good range, but has too much of a tame voice in my opinion. The rather cheesy lyrics in a lot of the songs don't help, either.

The majority of this CD sounds quite mellow. There's a couple of slightly more energetic songs as well, but they're not very exciting.

The bottom line is that Null Device makes feel good commercial electro pop music. It lacks the dark edge, club appeal and deep emotional vocals of underground synth-pop music.