Album: self-titled (1997)
Label: Mutiny Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

An industrial band was bound to come along that would not copy NIN or Ministry, but Marilyn Manson. The Newlydeads is the first band to come along that seems to want to taste the commercial success of Marilyn Manson. They have the goofy name, generic shopping mall goth wear, and the goth metal angst. In fact, the music found here sounds so similar to Marilyn Manson that you would think that's who it was if you heard it on the radio. But it's quite obvious that this is just a copycat band as opposed to the real thing. The Newlydeads mix goth, industrial, metal, pop, and glam rock all into one. For instance, the song "Skin Tight Skin" sounds like a glam rock pop song that would be a big hit with the MTV crowd. But the song "Suffercation" is very dark and electronic sounding almost like an underground industrial song. Each of the songs are goth metal for the most part with thrashy guitars, hard driving drum beats, and slight touches of electronics and distortion. The vocals sound like an attempt to be Marilyn Manson, but they don't quite hit the mark. They are more whiney and high pitched making them rather annoying at times. Each of the songs found here are catchy and energetic. They all sound different from each other as well. But the problem is that this does sound like typical mainstream music with too many NIN and Marilyn Manson influences. There are a couple of moments where the music has an underground edge. But it's obvious that this band has success in mind, and doesn't want to take too many chances making music that won't appeal to the masses.