Album: "Part-Time Paranoia" (2001)
Label: Broken Seal
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Object is the solo electro-industrial/dark EBM project of Andreas Malik. The music on this CD takes me back to the Ď90s as it sounds very similar to early Evilís Toy, Leaether Strip and :wumpscut:. All of the trademark sounds are presented here from the dark and dreary beat heavy music to the overly distorted male vocals. Andreas does a good job of mixing melody and harmony into his compositions to allow for a slightly more current sound, but in the end thereís really nothing new, different, or fresh included here.

This style of music has been done so much already that it somewhat surprises me to hear another new act come along now doing the same thing in a time when industrial/EBM music has advanced so much. But maybe thatís why Andreas decided to make this music. He might have wanted to bring out the sound of old that has been somewhat forgotten with all of the newer EBM/techno/synth-pop crossover music. For that reason it is rather nice to hear the classic european electro-industrial sound again. But considering the fact that throughout the Ď90s I got my fill of this style of music, I just donít have a lot of room left for it now.

Even bands that still make similar music such as Accessory, Controlled Fusion, Dark Illumination, Decoded Feedback, Din_Fiv, Flesh Field, God Module, Imperative Reaction, Informatik, In Strict Confidence, Líame Immortelle, Leaether Strip, Project-X, Velvet Acid Christ, :wumpscut: etc. bring new ideas into their music to keep it fresh. However, Object does everything exactly the same as it was done in the past. Repetitive electronic programming and beats are mixed with haunting synth melodies, movie samples and distorted male vocals.

This is a rather difficult CD to sit through as every song basically sounds the same. The fact that everything sounds old doesnít help any, either. I hope that Andreas advances his sound for his next release, or he might end up putting out a similar album again. If you canít get enough old school electro-industrial music, then this Object album is for you.