Album: "Garden of Remembrance" (1999)
Label: Nilaihah Records
Style: Electro goth
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

The music on this CD is extremely dark and cold. It plays at a chilling pace with an overall haunting vibe. Electronics and drum programming overlay eerie orchestrated keyboard melodies. Female vocals creep along with the music perfectly. This band balances electronic rhythms and beats with beautiful and dramatic moods and atmospheres to create well composed soundscapes. There's a lot of layering to the music giving the listener plenty to enjoy. The songs include many changes in them that produce a lot of emotions that range from relaxed to frantic. The female singing is rather dreary and delivers the well written lyrics like poetry. This is the type of music that you can lose yourself in. Turn out the lights and close your eyes, and you'll be taken away to another place. My only complaint with the CD is that it all kind of sounds the same. While each song does feature slight differences, nothing really stands out. The pace is always slow and mellow. It's almost as if there are no breaks from track to track. A little more variety from song to song would have been nice. But this is still a very high quality CD with a lot on it to enjoy. If you like electronic goth music with female vocals, this CD is a must.