Album: "Gollywoggle" (1997)
Label: Opaline Records
Style: Goth
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

When this album began I thought that I was listening to Siouxsie. The similarities are rather great here. The music is dark and dreary with a haunting vibe while chilling female vocals overlay it all. The general music is organic created with electronic and acoustic guitars, heavy bass and deep drum beats. Also mixed in are eerie keyboard melodies theat compliment the overall sound. While the main sound delivered here is gothic, the music tends to lean toward alternative at times as well. So this is actually crossover music that could work on MTV and the radio. There is a mixture of both slow and fast paced songs given here which adds variety. However, none of the songs really sound that much different from each other. This is rather straight forward and structured music for the most part. Also, there's nothing new or unique to be heard here. This album could have come out in 1987 instead of 1997 and I wouldn't have known the difference. But that's not to say that this isn't quality music, because it is. The problem is that there's nothing delivered here that makes this band stand out of a crowd of countless of other bands doing the same thing. This is formula music with nothing really fresh or original. The bottom line is that if you like standard female fronted goth/alternative music, you will most likely enjoy this album. But if you are looking for something new and different, this isn't it.