Album: “Infinite Number of Monkeys” (1998)
Label: Oxygenesis Music
Style: Heavy rock
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is basically hard and heavy rock music created with guitars, bass and drums. The singing is deep and clean. Buried in the sound are electronics, synth melodies and samples. The overall sound is very commercial and would appeal to those who like bands such as The Clay People, Klank, Paradise Lost, Staind and Vast. The songs are solid and structured quite well. They blend heaviness and melody together with driving drum beats.
       This band isn’t really delivering anything new, but they do create some quality music. They would most likely gain popularity if they were exposed on the radio and MTV. With bands such as Creed and Staind currently doing very well, Oxygen would fit in nicely with where the mainstream rock music scene is right now.