Album: "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing" (1999)
Label: Zoth Ommog
Style: EBM/techno
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Pax is the EBM/techno side project consisting of members from both X Marks The Pedwalk and Eco. While the first Pax CD was good, I felt that it featured too many instrumentals and remixes. And while this CD does as well, the instrumentals and remixes on this album are much better. What is basically delivered here is clean upbeat electronic music nicely layered with various futuristic sci-fi style sound effects, driving beats and melodic keyboard harmonies. Clean accented vocals make an appearance on a lot of the songs giving them more of a structured edge. Things switch between high energy to mid-tempo speeds adding a lot of variety from track to track. This CD sounds a lot like newer X Marks The Pedwalk material. So it's safe to say that if you're an XMTP fan, you will want this disc. Overall, this CD doesn't really offer anything new or different in regards to EBM. It's your standard club music that does get repetitive at times. But it's still good and worth a listen.

Album: "The Power Of Pure Intellect" (1997)
Label: Zoth Ommog
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

This project is headed by Sevren Ni-Arb (X Marks The Pedwalk) and Heiko Daniel (Eco). This is not the type of music that I have come to expect from the Zoth Ommog label. This is very upbeat sci-fi futuristic techno electro industrial music. There are a couple of synth-pop tracks to be found here as well. Nothing is dark, aggressive, or angry. Everything is rather funky with a more commercial electro sound that seems to be popular these days in the mainstream. What I'm most disappointed about with this album is that there are three instrumentals and one remix leaving only five original tracks with vocals. But even these are nothing to get too excited about. They are very repetitive with the same vocals being repeated over and over again like in techno music. This music sounds as if it was designed for popular dance clubs and nothing else. The music is well produced with a lot of electronic sound layering and some very beautiful synth harmonies that give the overall sound a light and positive feel. I do actually enjoy a couple of the tracks here, but spacey techno music and synth-pop has never really been my thing. However, I will admit that this is a lot better than anything that the commercial music scene is force feeding the public with. If you like sci-fi electro music with a synth-pop edge meant for the dance floor, you will enjoy this album.