Album: "Prettier" (2000)
Label: Semantic Productions
Style: Electro-industrial / Experimental
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

Penetrator is the solo electronic project of Jonny Global. This CD is a perfect example of a musician that has obvious song creating skill, but chooses to waste it on sporadic experimental music. What I mean by this is that there are a few occasions on this CD such as with the song ďPrettierĒ where this project sounds like a serious EBM/synth-pop band with structured catchy dance music and clean deep melodic male vocals. Itís just my personal opinion that if you are a talented musician and singer that can make synth-pop songs of the same quality as Depeche Mode, why choose to make uninteresting, spastic, noisy, experimental music? If experimental music is what you want to create, please donít mix it with synth-pop. The two just donít go together at all.

There are a few songs here that could be labeled as electro-industrial, but even their structures are very experimental going off in different directions constantly.

Itís obvious from the electronic programming, sampling and synthscapes here that Jonny has obvious talent for making electronic music. He even has a good voice and sings very well. I would like to see him put his abilities to better use in the future with more structured industrial/EBM/synth-pop music.