Album: "Wrecked" (1997)
Label: Wax Trax! Records
Style: Heavy Industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Raymond Watts is the solo member of Pig with a few guest musicians. Raymond is known for contributing vocals and musical work to KMFDM. That could explain why this album sounds so much like KMFDM. If I heard any song off of this album in a club or on the radio I would think that it was KMFDM. However, that is not to say that there are not differences here. Raymond mixes an orchestrated edge with this music by including very dramatic synth melodies. This gives the music a more powerful feel in my opinion. The overall sound of the songs are very angry and aggressive. The vocals are deep and rough and sing with hate and rage. The music is constructed with malfunctioning electronic sound effects, synths, heavy guitars and drum programming. There is variety to be found here due to some songs being straight forward metal, while others are more experimental with greater uses of electronics. But I still can't get past the fact that the material delivered here sounds a lot like KMFDM. The singing and guitar riffs especially give them that KMFDM edge. There is even the traditional KMFDM female background vocals in a lot of these songs. While I am not usually a fan of heavy guitar driven industrial music, the songs here do include enough variety, changes and interesting touches to make them more than just the typical metal industrial crossover music. Also, I do enjoy this material more than KMFDM for the fact that it's more dark and evil with greater uses of experimental electronic sounds and orchestrated synth melodies. All of the songs do include vocals except for the last track that ends the album. If you are a fan of KMFDM and a heavy industrial sound in general, you will enjoy this album.


Album: "Sinsation" (1996)
Label: Nothing/Interscope Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is pure hard-core guitar thrashing industrial mayhem at its finest. The rhythms and beats are fast paced, aggressive, and energetic. Mixed in with the guitars and drum beats are incredible synth harmonies that break up the pure adrenaline assaults now and again. Electronics and samples are blended in with the music as well. The screaming mad vocals are slightly distorted, and seem to have a slight German accent. Each song usually changes direction between melodic, harsh, and just plain psycho. Each tune is very catchy, and pulls you in. This is a very polished production. My only complaint is that there are only six songs with vocals. The other four are simply instrumentals. I would have liked more than just six songs with vocals. But these six are incredible, and do make this album a must for Cyber-Core fans.