Album: “Kung-Fu Dreams” (1999)
Label: Sugar Daddy Records
Style: Punk
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Pimp creates straight forward upbeat punk-pop music similar to Bad Religion, Offspring and Pennywise. Their songs are fast paced catchy punk tunes that would be big radio hits if they got the exposure.
       Guitars, bass and drums make up the music. The vocals are untreated and sing along with the music at a good pace. All of the band members are good musicians and mix everything together quite well. There’s a clean polish and high production value to this album. The songs feature good variety switching from energetic straight forward thrash to more melodic moments.
       Some tracks are upbeat while others are a bit darker. But everything does have a fun feel to it. So nothing ever comes off too angry or serious. While this band doesn’t really do anything new, they do what they do well. If you like fast paced energetic punk rock music, this CD can’t be missed.