Album: "www.pitchshifter.com" (1998)
Label: Geffen Records, Inc.
Style: Electro Rock
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a heavy and aggressive rock/punk/alternative band that creates their music with thrashy guitars, bass, drum assaults and slight touches of malfunctioning electronic programming. The vocals are a bit high pitched and sing, scream, yell and shout out the lyrics right along side the fast paced music. Each song is packed with energy and basically rock. They tend to go all over the place with their chaotic mayhem attacking the listener every step of the way. There is variety here as the songs do make various twists and turns from pure guitar madness to drum and bass style electronic breaks. The vocals are clean for the most part, but are altered with effects at times as well. I feel that the album really picks up on track five with "Subject To Status". This song delivers a lot of changing emotions and more experimental touches that allow it to have a lot of variety. The album keeps going strong from here with some excellent material. The songs tend to get harsher and angrier making them really stand out. I am pleased that these songs are not rushed. They are fairly long and have a lot happening in them. Calm moments turn fierce never allowing the listener to know what is going to be thrown in their direction next. Everything is good here. There's nothing that you will want to skip past. Also, there are plenty of tracks to keep you busy for a while. This is a long album. You get a lot of bang for your buck. There are a couple of instrumentals here as well that show off the more electronic side of the band. I feel that this band would be even better if they were to make their sound darker and more electronic with some synth melodies as well. But as far as more commercial style heavy electro rock music goes, this is definitely one of the better bands out there doing it. If this style of music is your thing, you will like what this album has to offer.