Album: "It's Not As If It Were The End Of The World...That Was Yesterday" (1998)
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Style: Synth-pop/experimental
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

If you were to combine DEPECHE MODE and SPAHN RANCH, you would most likely get a sound similar to that in which Pivot Clowj creates on this album. Clean and light electronic music with touches of techno and soft clear singing male vocals. Sometimes dancey, other times funky, always uplifting. Throw in some noise, experimentation, sampling and other odd sounds and mix it all togethr and you have this CD. While everything here is good for the most part, I just never found it to be very exciting. Nothing pulled me in or made me want to listen. I actually found this CD to be rather boring. The techno material is quite energy packed, but somewhat repetitive as well. There are a couple of remixes and live tracks, but they are nothing special. This CD is basically all over the place never deciding on a direction to go. Sometimes it's synth-pop, sometimes techno and sometimes noise. But never enjoyable.