Album: "Tonight The Stars Revolt!" (1999)
Label: Dreamworks Records
Style: Heavy rock
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band mixes elements of MARILYN MANSON and ROB ZOMBIE into their music. However, instead of using a horror theme, the band uses a sci-fi theme. Chugging guitar riffs, deep bass lines, hard drum slamming, spacey electronics and untreated deep growling male vocals is basically what makes up the songs presented here. They're heavy and aggressive with a campy vibe to them. All of the lyrics are sci-fi stories preventing anything from having any real deep meaning or thought. The tracks are constructed very tightly with verse/chorus/verse structures all throughout. This is very radio friendly music that alternative rock stations around the globe will be playing. The good thing about the CD is that it flows smoothly from start to finish. However, all of the songs basically sound the same. There just isn't a lot of variety from one track to the next. But they're all good and quite catchy. The songs that stand out the most are "When Worlds Collide", "Nobody's Real", "Tonight The Stars Revolt!", "Blast Off To Nowhere", "They Know Who You Are" and the cover of "Good Times Roll". The CD ends with a rather humorous lounge type song called "Watch The Sky For Me". It's a mellow track that is a good way to end the CD. The bottom line is that this is a solid heavy rock album that will appeal to fans of bands such as MARILYN MANSON, ORGY and ROB ZOMBIE.