Album: self-titled (1995)
Label: Nothing/Interscope Records
Style: Electro Rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album presents a style of industrial music that hasn't really ever been done before. The music is fast paced and aggressive with thrashy guitars, but it does have an uplifting feel to it. There are great uses of electronics and drums, but the guitars especially stand out. The vocals are a bit high pitched and sing melodically, but they do scream like Trent Reznor at times as well. Sometimes the vocals are clean, and sometimes they are extremely distorted. This actually works very well to give a lot of different emotions to the singing. The music also changes paces. Sometimes it's more relaxed, and sometimes it's very thrashy. But it's always catchy. The songs have an alternative rock vibe to them. This is not dark or gloomy music in the least. It almost seems comical at times. But it is a good album, and the songs will stay with you long after you have listened to them. My only complaint is that most of the songs are only about three minutes long, and there are a couple of really slow songs that I could have done without. But this album is worth checking out just for the fact that it's something different. That is very rare these days.