Album: "Nephesh"
Label: Metropolis Records (2003)
Style: EBM / synth-pop
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

The name of this band, and the artwork for this CD, remind me of VNV Nation. And, not surprisingly, the music offered here is very similar to VNV Nation as well. But since VNV Nation is a good band, sounding similar to them is not a bad thing in my opinion. Also, I actually enjoy this music more than VNV Nation.

Pride And Fall create EBM/synth-pop hybrid music, also known as future pop. The electronic programming and beats are energetic and driving, the melodies are dark and dramatic, and the vocals are clear and untreated with good range and emotion. Most of the songs are fast paced and could be club tracks. There are more melodic moments included as well for variety. And the few instrumentals are nice, too. Every song is good and stand out on their own. This is a consistent recording from beginning to end. Track seven "Delusion" is the only song that sounds out of place here. It's an aggressive electro-industrial song with distorted vocals. It's really good which is disappointing that it only plays for about a minute and a half.

My favorite songs on the CD are "Paragon", "Omniscient", "December", "Delusion" and "Extinction Is Forever". I highly recommend this CD to people who enjoy EBM, synth-pop and future pop music similar to VNV Nation.