Album: "Forbidden Desires" (2000)
Label: Inception Records
Style: EBM
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

Project-X is a european EBM trio that pull no punches when it comes to delivering energetic and driving clubfloor filling songs. All of the elements are in place here including frantic electronic programming, dramatic orchestrated synth melodies, slamming bass beats and thick accented slightly altered angry male vocals.

I admit that this band isn’t really doing anything new here, but I can’t deny the fact that every song is equally impressive delivering the ingredients that draw me to this style of music.

The music is well layered and textured, the melodies are dark and haunting and the vocals are powerful. If Funker Vogt was mixed with Lights Of Euphoria, the end result would be similar to Project-X. Basically, the band has an angry and aggressive edge, but it’s blended with clean sci-fi electronics and melodies. These songs are extremely energetic, but they’re catchy as well.

There’s not one weak track here. They’re each impressive featuring their own little elements that allow them to stand apart. Nothing is boring as you don’t have time to get bored. There are no long intros or outros to these songs. They were obviously designed for the clubfloor to get you moving the instant they begin.

Sure, a little more variety throughout this album wouldn’t have hurt. But this band pulls off what they set out to do...make clubfloor filling EBM tracks that blend energy with harmony.

There are five remixes provided by Flesh Field, The Nine, Lights Of Euphoria, Rational Youth and Funker Vogt. These remixes are all superb turning the original songs into even more clubfloor assaults. This CD is packed with music. No fan of energy driven modern EBM should miss it.

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