Album: self-titled (1996)
Label: American recordings
Style: Rock
Songs: 18


Reviewed by: Darklight

The music here is somewhat dark and aggressive created with guitars, bass and drums. The singer sings clean without distortion and has a rather unique sounding voice. He is sometimes joined by a hyper female singer with a reggae style of blurting out words. She definitely adds a strange vibe to the songs that she's presented on. Each song here is rather straight forward, structured and well produced. Some songs rock hard like punk, while others are more slow paced and melodic. They each are catchy with a good chorus to keep things rather interesting. They have a heavy edge to them. No two songs sound alike. They do each stand apart and feature something unique all their own. There are some instrumentals and strange filler crap thrown into the mix as well. Although this band doesn't feature any industrial elements such as electronics, synths or samples, they do have an industrial edge with the dark and aggressive nature of their music. If you're looking for something a little different in heavy rock music, this is it.