Photo Contest Submission

That's right, a friggin photo contest! We want you to send us photos that show you or something wrapped in wire. Be creative, be artistic, or be downright perverted, we don't care! Entries will be posted in our soon-to-be revamped Night Gallery and winners will get their image printed on t-shirts and other WIW propaganda. If you don't win, you still get exposure in the Night Gallery with credits and links. (Anonymity is still an option if you choose.)

This contest is ongoing for all perpetuity. Send in your entries! We also accept non-photographic creations such as drawings, digital compositions or abstract expressions..

Read this, and then submit your own:

1. I hereby certify that the image(s) I am about to submit to Wrapped IN Wire for inclusion in the Wrap Yourself In Wire Photo Contest are to the best of my knowledge free from copyright infringment. 2. I grant full authorization to use my image(s) in the promotion of the Wrapped IN Wire website, including posting on the website, printing on tshirts, or other promotional items as the operators of Wrapped IN Wire see fit. 3. In the case of questionable images containing "adult" subject matter (including but not restricted to visible genitalia and sexual acts), I certify that any and all persons appearing in said photos are of legal age (18+). 4. No compensation shall be dispensed save for credit and links, and if I am lucky, selected prizes chosen at the discretion of Wrapped IN Wire's "staff".

If you have read and agree to the above statements,
you may click this link to send your image(s):