Album: "Tiny Warnings" (1997)
Label: Universal Records
Style: Electro Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is another commercial alternative rock band that sounds a lot like the band Garbage in many regards. However, I am quite pleased that this band stays consistant with their music on this album. While most bands such as this one mix a lot of radio/MTV friendly pop songs on their albums, Radio Iodine stay rather aggressive throughout. Everything flows and nothing seems out of place. They deliver energetic rock music with slight techno style electronics and a great female singer. There's an angry vibe here that is presented in a more traditional and acceptable way to please a wide audience. Nothing ever gets too dark or scary, but at the same time isn't quite as friendly as a lot of other female fronted alternative rock bands. Nothing delivered here is boring, but everything seems a little too clean and manufactured. The songs are very structured with typical verse/chorus/verse elements. While each song manages to sound different, they still have a mainstream feel to them. There's a lot of emotion in these songs. The music contains rather good rhythms and beats. Ellen Bledsoe sings both melodic and aggressive, and pulls off both vocal styles very well. If you're a fan of more commercial style alternative rock music with female vocals, this is definitely one of the better acts that I have heard. But there just isn't a lot here to please electronic music fans. The songs are mainly created with guitar, bass and drums. But there's enough uses of electronics, synths and effects to make this music more interesting.