Album: "Sehnsucht" (1997)
Label: Slash
Style: Electro Metal
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a hard and heavy German metal industrial crossover band that reminds me a lot of Oomph! in many respects. The music is created with heavy thrasyguitars, slamming drum beats, electronic programming and synths. The vocals are clean and deep sung in German. They are powerful and add to the intensity of the music. There is even occasional female singing that comes in at times to make things a little more interesting. While the guitars are heavy and do overpower most everything else, there's still a good helping of electronics and synth melodies. They're mainly brought in during the breaks, but still are very apparent. Due to this factor the band does manage to sound more creative and seem to have more variety in their songs when compared to a lot of other electro metal bands out there. While I like to know what the lyrics are saying in songs, the all German spoken lyrics here actually work with the music because they fit in with it so well. The last two tracks are english lyric spoken versions of two of the songs. I do admit that it's nice to be able to understand what is being said, but it doesn't really change the songs that much. The band does a good job of adding a lot of diversity to their music to keep everything interesting. Nothing gets repetitive to where you would get bored. There is melody and drama found here, so this isn't just angry and aggressive thrash metal. It has more of an edge to it. Every song is good here, but they don't sound that much different from each other. Everything stays consistant for the most part. The bottom line is that if you like heavy industrial music with a Laibach and Oomph! edge to it, you will enjoy this album.