Album: "Immunization"
Label: N.C.C.
Style: Experimental Noise
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

I think that this promo CD is defective. There is no way that the horrible screeching noise coming out of my speakers is actually what is recorded on this album...or is it? Well, believe it or not folks, it is. What we have here is another experimental project that creates "malfunctioning" electro sounds, samples, noises and chaotic drum beats and throws them all together without any structure whatsoever. Basically, everything offered here is a loud obnoxious mess. I just donít understand the point of this so called ďsound artĒ. This is not music, and itís also not entertaining or interesting in the least. Itís just a bunch of noise that is about as appealing as listening to road work or construction being done. Anyone could record samples and manipulate them to make exactly what is delivered here. There is no imagination or creativity in this whatsoever. Iím sure that there are people out there that will disagree with me. So be it. If you like noise I would suggest that you save your money and just stand under a freeway overpass during rush hour to get the same experience that this disc has to offer.