Album: "The Crypt" (2000)
Label: Plan B Records
Style: Dark synth-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Red Flag is the dark synth-pop project of brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds. They're very talented musicians that show a lot of skill on this CD. The overall mood of the music contained here is dark and gloomy with a haunting feel. The songs are well composed mid-tempo synth-pop tracks with nicely layered electronic programming and beautifully orchestrated keyboard melodies with a touch of piano as well. The vocals are clean and sing superby along to the music with great range and harmony. These songs are very dramatic containing a lot of passion and emotion. The lyrics are well written like poetry and tragic love stories. While the songs play at a medium pace, they're extremely catchy for such dreary music. Only after a few listens I caught myself singing along to almost every song here. My only gripe is that some of the songs are a bit short ending before they feel like they should. But this can be overlooked due to the high quality of everything here. This album is very clean and polished. The songs are well placed and flow in a perfect order. I also like the packaging for this CD. The disc comes in a thin ultraclear soft plastic case that has a transparent front where you can see the actual CD behind the print. The back of the case is where the album's book is placed showing the track listing for the disc. This is a nice change from the standard hard plastic jewel cases that CDs usually come in, and shows that this band cares about presentation. I respect that. The bottom line is that if you enjoy dark synth-pop with a darkwave edge, this album can't be missed.