Album: "Debugged" (1999)
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

I really enjoyed Regenerator’s previous release Soulseeker. It came out at a time when there were not many electro-industrial bands featuring the combination of male and female vocals. Also, it mixed fast paced energy packed dance songs with more melodic songs. It was overall a very quality CD. However, this release doesn’t feature the same variety. I would have thought that this CD came out before Soulseeker as it seems like a step back instead of a step forward.
       All of the songs on this album sound very similar without offering much to make them stand apart. The entire album has a straight forward feel to it without a lot of creativity. Also, the flow of the CD is somewhat slow from start to finish. There’s just not a lot of energy included in these songs. They’re all mellow and somewhat dull.
       The electronic programming and synth melodies are all fairly basic. They’re not layered enough and don’t offer sufficient changes during their course. The vocals by both Patrice Synthea and Wrex Mock are soft, dreary and boring. They don’t deliver enough power or emotion. I hope that Regenerator creates more interesting and energetic music on their next release.

Album: "Soulseeker" (1997)
Label: Synthetic Symphony
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

It always puts a smile on my face when I experience a unique and original band such as this one. This is easily one of the best electro industrial/EBM albums available now. It's unlike anything else out there. The first track "One Chance" is a melodic synth-pop song with beautiful female vocals combined with deep whispering male vocals in the background. The sound production on this song alone tells you that this album is clean and polished with a very high quality to it. After this more mellow opening track, the album turns aggressive with the second song "Megawhore". Heavy guitar begins the track while malfunctioning electronics are layered into the background as clean deep angry accented male vocals growl over it all. Female vocals join in for the chorus. With fourteen more full length tracks to go and already having this kind of variety, you know that you're in for a treat with this album. It would take me too long to describe each song in detail considering that they're so much different from each other. Let me just say that they all feature a lot of drama, passion and emotion. Every song includes both male and female vocals. The music is comprised of sci-fi electronic sound effects, melodic synth melodies, heavy drum beats, bass and guitar. Nothing found here sounds typical or traditional. There are a lot of orchestrated elements mixed with cold moods. Some songs are relaxed and enchanting, while others are meant for the dance floor. I have never known a band to deliver so much diversity on an album before. If you like electronic music of any kind, you can't pass on this album. It deserves to be experienced by everyone.