Album: "Eclectric" (2000)
Label: n/a
Style: Heavy industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

When I heard that Idiot Stare had broken up I was rather disappointed as I really enjoyed their music. So I was excited to hear that Idiot Stareís vocalist Chad Bishop was in a new band entitled Rewire. Unfortunately, this band does nothing for me. Itís lacking the edge of Idiot Stare.

While this band is an aggressive blend of techno, punk and metal, it just never sounds that creative or interesting. This is due to the fact that itís somewhat experimental with different elements coming and going constantly. The electronic programming is frantic, guitars thrash, drums slam and vocals yell. Take these things and throw them all together without any real structure and you get the music of Rewire. To top it all off, the lyrics just arenít that well written. Also, all of the songs tend to sound the same without a lot of diversity.

I really wanted to like this band and listened to this CD several times in hopes that it would grow on me. But it just doesnít work for me. I feel that there are several other bands, such as Deathline International for example, that make this same style of music so much better. Rewire is missing something that prevents them from sounding stellar.

If youíre a huge fan of heavy guitar driven industrial music, you might want to check out Rewire for yourself and form your own opinion about their music.