Album: "Chemical Emissions" (1998)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Goth
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD screams quality right from the start. From the crisp clean recording to the high production value makes me wonder why this CD hasn't gotten a lot more recognition. Rosetta Stone prove here that they are one of the best gothic acts of today. They don't make your standard cookie cutter generic goth music. They blend in elements from other musical genres such as industrial and snyth-pop. This makes them so much more interesting. The music here has a bit of a rock edge with guitars, bass and live drums. But there are electronics and synths mixed in as well to give the music a current and stylish sound. The vocals are excellent deep clean singing that fit well with the music. Every song here is just as good as the next with their own differences that allow them to stand out from one another. The flow of the songs mix both energy and melody. Even though only ten tracks are listed on the back of the CD case and show up on a CD player, there are actually six more hidden after track 10. So you actually get sixteen songs as opposed to only ten. This CD is a must for fans of gothic music as well as darker synth-pop music.