Album: "The Bitter Well"
Label: COP International (2003)
Style: Gothic Rock / Darkwave
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Razor Skyline is The_Gun, Karen Kardell and Onyx. What they deliver on this CD is a blend of guitar heavy gothic rock and electronic focused darkwave.

The CD kicks off a little more hard and heavy than I would like with the aggressive "American Tragedy". It's basically a rock song with guitars taking over. Track two "Corporation" slows things down a bit with more of a melodic darkwave vibe. It's mainly an electro/synth track with sampling and slight guitar. Track three "After The Flood" continues with a similar darkwave style. It has great programming, beats, dark orchestrated melodies and superb singing by Karen Kardell. There's guitar in the song as well that sounds a little out of place. Track four "Rebellion Lost" brings back the heaviness again with a harder sound and louder energy. There's just something about it that I don't find appealing. Track five "Run" is basically a guitar rock instrumental with words provided by The_Gun. It sounds completely out of place for The Razor Skyline, and this CD in general. It's definitely a track I skip. Track six "Dream" is a pop song that actually suits this band well. It works because it's upbeat mainly created with electronics and Karen sings cute on it. Track seven "When I Knew Everything" goes back to a darkwave sound with mid-tempo beats and dark soundscapes. Track eight "King Street" is a great gothic song with acoustic guitar, catchy beats and haunting melodies. It's one of the more energetic tracks on this CD that works extremely well. Track nine "Cast" is another typical sounding song here without a lot about it that allows it to stand out. It's good, but nothing different. Track ten "Freak" is a nicely polished emotional song with good structure and development. It's one of the more mature songs here, and ends the album well.

This CD is a mixed bag. It has really great songs such as "Corporation", "After The Flood", "Dream", "King Street" and "Freak". It has average songs such as "Rebellion Lost", "When I Knew Everything" and "Cast". And it has generic heavy rock songs such as "American Tragedy" and "Run".

Since the electronic programming, synths and sampling are so great in these songs, I would like to this band embrace these elements even more in the future. I personally think that EBM, synth-pop and darkwave music is what would suit them best. The heavy guitars really sound overpowering and out of place in their music.

Album: "Fade and Sustain" (1999)
Label: COP International
Style: Electro Goth rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a very solid and well structured goth CD. Right from the instant it kicks off, you're hooked. The music draws you in and makes you want to keep listening. It's a mixture of EBM, goth and rock. It blends excellent electronic programming and sampling with driving drum beats and heavy guitar. Karen Kardell has an amazing voice, and manages to deliver some of the best vocal work I have ever heard before. She has a wide range to her singing style, and carries a tune beautifully. Every unique element included here fits together perfectly. This album is very clean and polished with an extremely high quality to it. Each of the ten songs sound different from one another, and include a lot of variety. You get a good blend of electro, goth and rock elements all combined into one to deliver energetic tracks with emotion. There's a lot of passion and feeling in these songs that make them enjoyable to listen to. While most goth bands flood their albums with a lot of slow and moody music, The Razor Skyline tend to keep everything moving and energetic. The only thing that would make them even better in my opinion is if they went more electronic and less rock. While I like how they manage to mix different genres together, I do feel that the electronics get pushed back a little too much in favor of the guitars. But that's a minor gripe. If you're a fan of goth bands such as Collide, London After Midnight, Nosferatu and Rosetta Stone, you will definitely like what The Razor Skyline has to offer.

Album: "Journal Of Trauma" (1996)
Label: Cop International
Style: Goth rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This goth rock band has more of an old school sound to it as opposed to a newer sound. But there are electronic rhythms and beats that give their sound a slight touch of industrial as well. Most of the songs here are medium to fast paced energetic catchy goth music with sampled guitars, drum machines, electronics, and haunting synths all overlayed by a female singer that sings melodic as well as hyper and comical at times. She gives the songs personality with her diverse singing styles. Some songs are upbeat and fast paced for the dance floor, while others are more melodic, moody, and romantic. So there is variety to be found here. But not a whole lot. All of the upbeat songs sound like each other, just as all of the melodic songs sound like each other. There really isn't anything new to be found here. This is pretty straight forward goth rock music for the most part. I think that greater industrial influences and more changes in the songs would have helped give this album more of an edge. As it is now it's fairly generic.