Album: "Green Evil" (1998)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Ambient/experimental
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

The material delivered here is not actually music, but what I like to call sound art. It's various electronic and organic sounds, tribal drum beats and keyboard melodies combined to create very mood driven soundscapes that are both ambient and experimental. Everything here is very mellow and slow paced with a dark and cold feel to it. These songs create atmosphere. It is said in the notes contained in the CD booklet that the pieces collected here span a period of fourteen years. Some of them were released previously on obscure compilation albums and some have also been coaxed from crumbling two and four track cassettes. Everything does sound equal in recording quality and you really couldn't tell what is older and what is newer material considering that it all seems to sound very similar. Some tracks here are more straight forward with structure while others are more experimental. But it's all very artistic and ambient. I personally don't get anything from this kind of recording and actually find it difficult to listen to. But if dreary, dark, cold, ambient experimental sound art is your thing I have to admit that the material delivered here is very well done for what it is.