Album: "Stronghold"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: Electro-industrial/EBM
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

[:SITD:] is the German electro-industrial/EBM project of Carsten Jacek and Thomas Lesczenski. The songs offered on this CD do a great job of blending energetic electronic programming, club beats, dark melodies, movie samples and snarling heavily accented male vocals.

While [:SITD:] dont really do anything out of the ordinary here, they still manage to sound different from a lot of other similar bands. This is accomplished by Carsten Jacek's somewhat unique sounding voice and Thomas Lesczenski's programming that mixes layered electronic effects, noise elements, hard beats, nicely selected samples and beautifully haunting orchestrated melodies.

At first I sort of wrote [:SITD:] off as just another typical European electro-industrial/EBM band, and I didn't really care for Carsten Jacek's vocals. But there was something about this Stronghold CD that kept me coming back for more. And that's because it sounds rather different from countless of other CDs with similar music. Also, most of the songs have an infectious quality about them. Each track manages to sound quite different. Basically, you don't feel like you're listening to the same exact song ten times in a row here. This is due to the variety each song offers. Some tracks are electro-industrial, some dark EBM, some power noise instrumentals, and there's even a future pop song. All of these different styles work together because none of them are dominant. They're all blended together in subtle ways where you're never quite sure exactly what genre of industrial music you're listening to.

Most of the songs are energetic and perfect for clubs, but offer deeper emotions than just dance music. The only song here that sort of sounds out of place is "Venom". It's a straight up future pop song with Thomas Lesczenski singing. It's a great song, but doesn't fit on the album. I really think Thomas Lesczenski should do a solo side project for this kind of music since he does it so well.

The bottom line is that this [:SITD:] Stronghold CD is a solid electro-industrial/EBM recording that fans of the genre should like.