Album: "Assignment: Earth" (1998)
Label: Subspace Communications
Style: Synth-Pop
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

S.P.O.C.K is a three man sci-fi synth-pop band from Sweden. Their songs are rather uplifting with a slight 80's new wave vibe to them. The overall music has a light "pop" sound to it. The electronic programming leans toward science fiction sound effects while the synth melodies are extremely smooth and soothing. The song structures have a relaxed mood to them where you can just kick back and enjoy them. I wouldn't really consider this fast paced energetic techno music, but there are times when the rhythms and beats do get you moving to them a bit. The vocals are clean with a slight accent. They fit in well with the music, but do come off sounding rather typical for this genre of music. The singing is better on some tracks where there is more harmonic tones used to carry the lyrics along. Some songs sound as if the singer is reading the lyrics from a lyric sheet without putting a lot of emotion into his vocals. But overall the singing is well done and does go with the music. All of the lyrics deal with science fiction themes ranging from alien abduction to Star Trek. There's even a song about E.T. here. None of the lyrics are meant to be taken seriously as they are basically just comical sci-fi stories. But since the music is harmonic and melodic synth-pop, serious and meaningful lyrics are not needed to carry these songs along. While overall this is a clean and well polished electronic album, I do have a few complaints. First of all, the songs are extremely short for this style of music. They only play for about three to four minutes. They end before they should. This makes them seem unfinished. Another problem that I have is there are two remixes of the same song placed before two other original songs. I feel that remixes should always be placed at the end of an album. The bottom line is that this is a good synth-pop album, but I don't think that it's for everyone considering that it has such a comical sci-fi theme to it.