Album: "Acoustic Costumes" (1998)
Label: Nightbreed Recordings
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM / techno
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album contains a huge amount of variety on it. While at first I thought that the CD was too inconsistant jumping from one style to the next, I started to enjoy its variety after a few listens. While I do still feel that the band has the resources and ability to deliver better material than what is offered here, this is still indeed a very quality release presenting a little something for just about anyone who enjoys electronic music.

The CD begins with “Schmerz (pain)” which is an extremely dreary dark ambient track with a whispered female spoken word. While it’s well composed, its slow pace makes it a bit boring to sit through before the album kicks in with “Goddess” which is a rather fast paced energetic dance track with accented female singing. The problem I have with this track is that the music is a bit repetitive and the singer sounds like she’s out of breath. Also, the overall sound is more techno than it is industrial/EBM reminding me of early Lords Of Acid. Track three “Do What You Do” confirms this theory even more coming off as fast paced techno with female vocal samples repeated over and over again. This track was obviously designed for clubs. Too bad it’s not as interesting to listen to anywhere else. Track four “Hearts & Bombs” is a heavy and aggressive industrial metal song with thrashy guitar riffs and deep distorted German accented male vocals shouting with anger. It’s a bit basic and straight forward, but still interesting and enjoyable. Track five “La Lune” is a mid-tempo bass heavy techno funk song with enchanting female vocals. Track six “DWYD (Reprise)” is a short remix of track three “Do What You Do”. I feel that it’s out of place as track six since it’s so close to the original version of the song. Track seven “Bin Ich” is one of the best offered here as it’s energetic EBM with a combination of computer altered female vocals and angry male singing along with great heavy beats. Track eight “Wild Child” is an excellent heavy industrial instrumental that includes a lot of great twists and turns. Track nine “Nau-Sea” is a rather noisy experimental track with female spoken word and tribal beats. Track ten “All That I Can Feel” is a bass heavy funk flavored trip-hop song with seductive female vocals. Track eleven “Escape (Edit)” is another fast paced energetic techno assault with repetitive female singing. Track twelve “Freiheit” is a beautiful dark and haunting mid-tempo song with a lot of drama and emotion. The female vocals are dreary and fit perfectly with the music. It’s the perfect song to end the album with.

I like this album because it’s completely different than anything else. While I wouldn’t want a lot of albums like this one, it’s nice to have this around simply for variety.

Most of this CD does sound like it was made for club DJs to spin. There’s a lot of early Lords Of Acid styles included here with frantic paced techno music and repetitive female vocals. But there’s some heavy industrial, EBM, experimental and darkwave as well.

I personally feel that this band would be a lot better if they focused entirely on dark EBM with a combination of male and female vocals. While they hint at the idea of this here, there’s never enough of it to satisfy me. But this CD is definitely worth a listen if you enjoy club dance music.