Album: "Proteus" (2000)
Label: Metech Recordings
Style: Industrial metal
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Saints Of Eden is the solo industrial metal project of Cian Houchin. He played bass and did electronic programming for Nefilim’s “Zoon” album. This project does sound a lot like Nefilim, and that’s not a bad thing as Nefilim was a good band.

Basically, the music delivered here is hard and heavy aggressive industrial metal with thrashy guitar riffs, deep bass lines, hard driving drum beats, frantic electronic programming and distorted deep raw rough shouting male vocals that growl with power.

While a lot of similar bands don’t feature a lot of electronics and synths in their music, Saints Of Eden does. This is what allows this act to stand out of the crowd.

The music is dark and dramatic with passion and emotion. While for the most part these songs are structured and straight forward, they include a lot of creative and interesting elements in them as well. The rhythms and beats are driving with almost a clubfloor edge. But the guitars and vocals make this band strictly for the mosh pit.

The only problem that I have with this CD is that the songs do tend to sound a lot alike. A little more variety here would have been nice. Also, while electronic programming and synth melodies are used greatly here, they’re still a bit drowned out by the guitars and vocals. I would have liked more layered electronics and less guitars. Less distorted vocals would have been better as well.

The final verdict is that this is a great industrial metal CD that will please fans of bands such as The Clay People, Drown, Klank, Nefilim and N17.