Album: "The Cult Of Speed" (1996)
Label: Smart Fist Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album grabs you right from the start with the incredibly catchy techno rock instrumental "Face". The rest of the album mixes alternative rock, metal, and industrial all into one. At times the band sounds like a rock band, while at others they sound pure industrial. It's as if they couldn't decide what kind of music they wanted to make. However, this just adds to the variety of the album. Each song does sound different and stands out on its own. Every song is dark and heavy and does feature guitars and vocals. But like I said, some lean more toward metal without much use of electronics, while others are almost pure electronic. It's an odd combination that actually works. There isn't a bad song to be found here in my opinion. But there are only eight of them, and none of them really make it past three minutes. This is a good album that just goes by too fast. It's worth the ride even though it's a short one.