Album: "Enough is Enough" (1999)
Label: D-Trash
Style: Noise
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Take random chaotic electronic noises, sampling, guitars, drum beats and extremely distorted screaming mad male vocals and you get the music of Schizoid. There's no structure to be found here whatsoever. This is pure experimental noise going haywire. It's loud and overflowing with teen angst. There's not a lot of difference from track to track. Each song basically sounds exactly the same, making it difficult to determine when one song has ended and the next has begun. I will admit that there is a lot happening in these songs with different sounds coming and going in every direction constantly. There are some good samples in the mix as well. But that doesn't change the fact that this music is hard to sit through. I really can't imagine who could get enjoyment from listening to this mess. You could literally drive someone insane if you locked them in a room with this music. I do give this CD credit for being different, and for the simple fact that it would freak out anyone who heard it. If there was ever a CD that you wanted to play just to annoy others with, this is definitely it. Buy it at your own risk.